We study "mutations."

Mutations are often causes genetic diseaeses and traits. They are usually detrimental.

At the same time, mutations are the driving force of evolution. Only the mutations bring new variabilities to populations. Darwinian theory depicts that the mutations give a genetic diversity so that natural selection effectively acts to adaptive radiation based on the principle of "survival of fittest."

Thus, mutations are paradoxically bivalent in terms of "adaptive" for evolution and "detrimental" for genetic diseases.

We focus on when, where, how and what kind(s) of mutation are generated (mutagenesis) on the DNA strands, particularly, in the human genome and model organisms.


  • Website of Gondo Laboratory at Tokai University School of Medicine is now open. (2018.11.6)
  • A new server room with six linux machines for e.g., big data analyses like NGS datasets is renovated and starts operation. (2018.8.1)
  • Gondo Lab is now open at the Department of Molecular Life Scinences, Division of Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine. (2018.1.1)